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  • Regarding the information sent from the customer, Tensei Pearl and the information provider will not be responsible for any damage to the customer that occurs if there is no reason to attribute it to Tensei Pearl, such as omission of information, incorrect input, unreadable character Not responsible for that.
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About product

  • The product images on this site are designed to be as accurate as possible, but please note that the colors and sizes may differ from the actual product due to screen settings and photographic techniques.

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All the content on this site belongs to Tensei Pearl. Unauthorized use, diversion, duplication, modification, etc. is prohibited without the permission of the copyright law such as personal use. However, if conditions are presented individually, those conditions shall take precedence.

Handling of privacy

This site collects cookies, access logs, etc. within an appropriate range when providing services on the site. In addition, in order to properly use and protect the personal information handled,), We strive to maintain the accuracy and confidentiality of personal information regarding customers who entrust us, and always take appropriate measures. In addition, we have taken sufficient measures to prevent the risk of unauthorized access to the acquired information and are working to protect the information.

In addition, we will not use personal information beyond the original purpose of use except in the following cases.

  • When the consent of the person is obtained
  • When processing the personal information so that it cannot be identified or specified
  • When required to be provided by law

The Company will not provide the information to a third party without the consent of the individual, except as provided by law.

  • * For our privacy policy, please refer to "privacy policy"Please refer to the.

We may use cookies on this site in order to make your use of the site more comfortable. This does not infringe your privacy and does not harm your computer.
In addition, in online shopping, we outsource the work required for payment of goods and services to an external business.

[Business operator]


[Contents of personal information]

The following personal information necessary for payment of goods and services with the payment operator
transactionID・ Name / phone number / email address / amount / credit card number / credit card expiration date

[Purpose of using personal information]

It is used only for the purpose of performing business necessary for payment of goods and services, and it is strictly prohibited to use personal information for purposes other than the intended use.

[Disclosure of personal information to settlement companies]

In online shopping, the following personal information may be disclosed / provided through a consignment company at the request of the settlement company within the scope of business execution required for payment of goods / services.

  • * Name, address, phone number, email address, delivery address information, details of ordered products, etc.

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Prohibited matter

  • Through this site, we prohibit any acts that may cause disadvantages, damages, damage to honor or credit, privacy, etc. to our company or a third party. In addition, we prohibit acts that violate laws and regulations, or acts that may cause such violation, and acts that Tensei Pearl deems inappropriate.
  • For customers who purchase a lot during a certain period, we may ask you about the intended use of the product. Please note that we may decline the sale of products if we cannot answer your inquiry about Tensei Pearl or if we determine that the usage is inappropriate.

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